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Workmed Midwest seeks functional solutions for employers and employees.

Mission Statement:

Our primary goal at Workmed Midwest is to deliver comprehensive occupational medicine services by serving the needs of our companies and patients to the surrounding community. We strive to work together to promote effective health, safety, and strategies in the prevention of injury and illness of the employee in the workplace environment. We believe providing prompt, and appropriate medical care as it pertains to the worker ensures that employees can return to the workplace safely and as soon as possible.

To fulfill this mission, we are committed to:

  • Listening to those we are privileged to serve.
  • Communicate back to the employer regarding their employees injury status and return to work.
  • Earn the trust and respect of patients, companies, professionals and community.
  • Superior training of staff in Occupational Medicine.
  • Ensure a creative, challenging, and compassionate professional environment.
  • Strive for continuous improvement at all levels.

Occupational Medicine is a specialty that covers a multitude of medical needs for the employer: worker's compensation, pre-placement examinations, periodic worker health screenings, OSHA mandated health surveillance, and drug and alcohol testing just to name a few. It is a medical field that encompasses health issues from strains and sprains to finite toxicology. A trained physician is required to work with companies to prevent accidents and injury, and then treat any injuries with knowledge and skill. The physician must have thorough knowledge of the workplace and the physical capabilities required of the employee to perform specific jobs. It takes all these skills to return an injured worker to their job in a safe manner.

An important component of Workmed practice is drug and alcohol testing. Drug collection and drug testing involves a forensic method, which goes well beyond a simple laboratory test. Dr. Bachman is certified both by the AAMRO and ACOEM as an MRO (medical review officer). He oversees all drug testing collection, reporting and recordkeeping to ensure accuracy and compliance with both federal and state regulations.

This website will help patients prepare for their work-related examinations (such as pre-placement exams, DOT exams, and surveillance exams). Employment physicals are different than the general medical exam. They may involve lifting and other physical assessments, depending on the essential aspects of the specific job.

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  • "I really appreciate you and your staff and the services you provide for our company. You are all very friendly and great to work with. In light of the current state of our economy and the effects that it has had on staffing, we experience poor to terrible customer service more frequently than ever. The team at Workmed Midwest always has a great attitude and goes the extra mile to provide us with our requested services in a timely manner."
    Tom Kraemer Inc.
  • "Our agency has utilized Workmed Midwest's MRO services for many years. The staff are professional, confidential and helpful. We appreciate the assistance and guidance they provide to our agency."
    Melissa Mattson, Lakes Country Service Cooperative
  • "I can honestly say that working with the staff at Workmed Midwest is like an extension of our company. They have always been accommodating with our work schedule to have our employees seen in a timely manner. I’ve been asked many times who I would recommend for DOT physicals, drug testing, occupational medical needs, and other work-related services and I’ve only recommended Workmed Midwest!"
    Todd L, American Door Works
  • "What a great place, they really made me feel comfortable and they are very knowledgeable. Dr. Bachman is the best."
    Joan C.