Dr. Philip Bachman Occupational Health

Occupational Medicine is a specialty that covers a multitude of medical needs for the employer: worker's compensation, pre-placement examinations, periodic worker health screenings, OSHA mandated health surveillance, and drug and alcohol testing just to name a few. It is a medical field that encompasses health issues from strains and sprains to finite toxicology. A trained physician is required to work with companies to prevent accidents and injury, and then treat any injuries with knowledge and skill. The physician must have thorough knowledge of the workplace and the physical capabilities required of the employee to perform specific jobs. It takes all these skills to return an injured worker to their job in a safe manner.

Dr. Philip Bachman is board certified in Occupational Medicine and has served Central Minnesota in this specialty since 1989. Dr. Philip Bachman will deliver the best medical care for the injured worker and provide a solid partnership with the employer. A safe workplace, immediate injury care, guided return to work and continued communication between injured worker, employer and physician are all part of Dr. Philip Bachman's services.

An important component of Dr. Bachman's practice is drug and alcohol testing. Drug collection and drug testing involves a forensic method, which goes well beyond a simple laboratory test. Dr. Bachman is certified both by the AAMRO and ACOEM as an MRO (medical review officer). He oversees all drug testing collection, reporting and recordkeeping to insure accuracy and compliance with both federal and state regulations.

This website will help patients prepare for their work-related examinations (such as pre-placement exams, DOT exams, and surveillance exams). Employment physicals are different than the general medical exam. They may involve lifting and other physical assessments, depending on the essential aspects of the specific job.

Dr. Philip Bachman is located in St. Cloud, Minnesota, two blocks from Hwy 94 (exit 171) in the Pilot gas station McStop area and in Rice,MN, just ten minutes north of St. Cloud near Highway 10 off the Benton county Road 2 east, a block on Benton Hwy 2 on 9th Ave. NE. A stone throw from the new General Dollar.

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