Dr. Philip Bachman and Staff

Dr. Philip Bachman's practice is made up of a team of professionals that add value .  They take pride in their work and are professional, highly trained and welcoming.  They understand the pressures of an employee injured on the job and also understand the employers need to have their injured worker cared for. 


Founder and Medical Director
Workmed Midwest

Phil Bachman founded Workmed Midwest in November of 2013 after having served patients and employers in Central Minnesota for more than 25 years.  Originally trained in Family Practice by the University of Minnesota at Methodist Hospital, Bachman began his medical career in Cold Spring, Minnesota.  Dr. Bachman's interest in occupational health originated with concern for his patients, many of whom were employed by two prominent Central Minnesota companies:  Cold Spring Granite and Gold 'n Plump.  The executive leaders of both companies were sincerely dedicated to improvements in the health of their employees and the safety of their work environment. Through close collaboration and cooperation with Dr. Bachman, both companies experienced decreases in workplace injuries, with commensurate improvements in their employees’ health. Dr. Bachman worked to help identify the factors contributing to workplace injuries, while the companies and their employees diligently identified and implemented improvements to address risks in the workplace environment.

His early experience and success compelled Dr. Bachman to refine his focus on occupational medicine as the true purpose of his medical career.  Dr. Bachman committed to furthering his professional education and completed a "mini-residency" in Occupational Medicine in 1990 in Cincinnati, Ohio. After further time in private practice; he earned his Masters Degree in Public Health and Occupational Medicine from the Medical College of Wisconsin in May, 1997. He became eligible, and passed the occupational medicine board exam in 2002. Dr. Bachman is one of only about 4000 individuals to have done so since 1949.  During the 1990s, he served the medical service and review board for the state of Minnesota. This board wrote and approved the State of Minnesota’s practice parameters for workers compensation.

Subsequently, Dr. Bachman founded Midwest Occupational Medicine and served as its lead physician for two decades. With an eye toward further improving the practice model, Bachman founded Workmed Midwest and started operating out of its original clinic in Rice, Minnesota in 2013.  Dr. Bachman’s wife Beth and their children joined the effort to convert new office space, scrub floors, paint walls, clean windows and install carpeting into the space formerly used by a trucking company.  Their efforts to found Workmed Midwest reflect the community’s values, its dedication to hard work, and the collective determination of Bachman’s patients and clients to build healthier and more productive lives. Since inception, Workmed has added a second clinic which opened in June of 2014 and is located in south St. Cloud near the “McStop” intersection at Interstate 94 and County Highway 75.  Central Minnesota companies and employees have responded to the convenience and services with steadily increased business since the opening.

Dr. Bachman’s personal philosophy emphasizes two of his most important priorities.  First, when you close the door with your patients, they deserve your complete attention. Second, when a company utilizes your occupational medicine services, you have been entrusted with their most valuable assets, the health of their employees.  As such, he treats his practice as both an honor and a privilege, and strives to provide workers compensation solutions that balance the disparate needs of stakeholders to bring functional solutions to broken situations.  A poster in his office summarizes his approach: smile, be kind, be gracious, say thanks, be respectful, be courteous, apologize, be polite, do no harm.  Asked about his clients, Bachman reflects, "I learn more from my patients than I teach them.  I could not have asked for a more rewarding career.  Our labor force is the finest in the world, and our companies provide highly specialized products and services! The Navy comes to the Midwest to find unique welding capabilities. This is but one example of how our skilled workforce literally serves the entire nation.”

Dr. Bachman and his wife Beth reside in Central Minnesota, where they have raised four adult children. Dr. Bachman personally enjoys outdoor activities; include fishing and waterfowl hunting with family and friends. 

Dr. Bachman is Board Certified in both Occupational Medicine and Family Practice, and licensed in the States of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

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