Occupational Medicine Services

Occupational Medicine

Occupational medicine focuses on the health of workers. This includes the ability to perform work; the physical, chemical, biological, and social environments of the workplace; and the health outcomes of environmental exposures. Practitioners in this field address the promotion of health in the work place, and the prevention and management of occupational and environmental injury, illness, and disability.  Source: American Board of Medical Specialties, 2007. www.abms.org [7/1/2007: definition added, source added]

Employment Exams
Employment exams are different than the full physical you have with your regular physician. The exam is directed to the essential parts of the job. Bring gym shorts and comfortable top. You may be required to demonstrate lifting, climbing, or other activities. You likely will have some parts of the exam which are more familiar as well for example:  as the doctor listening to your heart and lungs.

Special Exams

Fitness for Duty, OSHA Compliance, DOT, & pre-placement exams
Dr. Philip Bachman offers expertise and services nationwide to both the public and private sectors in all areas of occupational, environmental, and preventive medicine.

We also offer special exams including Fitness for Duty Exams, DOT Physicals, Fire fighter, Police, Homeland security, nuclear security, OSHA Compliance Exams and many others.

Fitness for Duty exams is a unique opportunity for employers to use preventive medicine to objectively access employees in relation to their specific job duties.  These exams ensure employees are physically able to perform the assigned scope of work and are not a hazard to themselves or others.  Fitness programs are essential to industries that have intense physical demands such as Law enforcement, Firefighters, transportation, manufacturing, or construction.  Evaluations can prevent impending threats to employee safety, reduce the possibility of injury, and lessen the potential for liability.

Fitness for Duty Exams includes:

  • Post-offer
  • Return to work
  • Functional ability

DOT Physicals include:

  • Commercial driver's license
  • Medical’s certificate
  • Truck driver exams

OSHA Compliance Exams include:

  • Audiometric testing
  • Respirator clearance
  • Respirator certification
  • Asbestos surveillance
  • Hazardous waste
  • Lead surveillance
  • OSHA respirator questionnaires
  • HAZWOPER exams
  • Silica surveillance
  • Chromium physical
  • Blood Bourne Pathology

Dr. Philip Bachman has a Board-certified physicians in Occupational Medicine, Family practice, Mastered in Public Health. Dr. Philip Bachman is also certified Medical Review Officers by both the Medical Review Officer Certifying Council (MROCC) and the AAMRO. Dr. Bachman has been an MRO since 1989. Our resources include a highly skilled and trained support staff.

Appropriate treatment is:

  • Rapid return-to-work, this is the best approach for all parties concern.
  • Aggressive case management, if there is lost time, frequent MD visits.
  • Prompt and accurate identification of non-work-related complaints
  • Timely communication with employers, same day.
  • Thorough consultations between physician and physical therapists
  • Expedient and cost-effective medical service. Following Minnesota worker compensation parameters and knowing when in a particular situation they fall short

Workmed Midwest drug testing programs


Dr. Bachman M.D. MPH, was one of the first certified medical review officer’s in the country.  Workmed drug testing program is overseen by an individual who has years of experience in the interpretation of drug testing. Dr. Bachman stays current in certifications both by the AAMRO and the ACOEM. In addition, he is a certified breath alcohol trainer and Dr. Bachman M.D. MPH is a certified collector. This gives Dr. Bachman a full understanding of the drug testing process.

Each of our drug collectors has been certified to meet federal requirements, for federal urine drug testing programs. The drug collection process (the steps to the collection of the urine drug test), was recognized as the weak link, in the drug testing program. (Donna Smith, Federal DOT, 1989). Each urine test at Workmed is collected following the guidelines of the federal drug testing programs. This is important in following the step-by-step process which was created by the federal programs. For example hand washing before going into the secure bathroom is done to wash any chemicals that may be under the fingernails or on the hands which could alter a result. Using hand sanitizer, often times contain ethyl alcohol,is inconsistent with these federal programs and may be the substance  you are testing for!

Thus, the actual collection procedure follows this rigid federal collection process.

The state of Minnesota has some unique language in which the employment drug testing must be done by a certified laboratory.( Mn  Section 181.950 to181.957) Minnesota state statute defines what a certified laboratory is. It does not address whether only the positive or negative drug tests are submitted, only that employment urine drug tests need to be performed by a certified laboratory which meets specific laboratory qualifications per the state statute.

Early in the process of drug testing, there was concerned about the accuracy and precision of employment urine drug tests. A certified laboratory will run blanks specimens along with known concentrated specimens for the drugs being tested. This is done to make sure that the laboratory procedures and results can be relied on.

Generally, a drug test obtained at our clinic is sent to a certified laboratory results are known in 24 hours.

Workmed Midwest offers a variety of packages depending upon your company’s needs in regards to your company’s drug testing program. This can be as simple as just MRO services or can be as complex as random schedules, drug tests, collection, and MRO services.

We generally don’t ask you to sign a contract and the reason for this is we are a service industry. We feel strongly that if we are not meeting your expectations in getting results back to you, or getting the statistics that you need, then you have the option of dismissing us. We have all been stuck with a vendor who is not meeting expectations. By not having a contract  with Workmed we must deliver superior services or risk losing you as a customer.

However, if you request a contract or one is required by law, we will contract.